Sun City West Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting is common in the adult community of Sun City West. While the newer homes are seeing a significant shift towards tile and stone flooring, this is not always the case. Many of the older homes in Sun City West have carpet exclusively, even in the kitchens! Having such a high volume of carpet in the home means heavier traffic areas that require frequent cleaning. If you have a home with this kind of situation, look no further than our Sun City West Carpet Cleaning service to keep your carpets looking their best.

We gear our Sun City West carpet cleaning service to treat the needs specific to your part of town. Homes built in this part of the valley tend to see similar challenges regarding the cleaning industry. If you live in this active adult community you can be sure to find at least a few of these difficulties when it comes to keeping the carpet clean in your home.

Sun City West Carpet Cleaning – Tight Traffic Areas

sun_city_west_carpet_cleaningsun_city_west_carpet_cleaningMany homeowners in this part of the valley have transitioned from much larger homes. During the transition, parting with all the furniture required can be a difficult task. Some of it carries sentimental value. So it is common to see much tighter traffic areas, especially in guest bedrooms and offices. This image is from a Guest Bedroom/Office. Such a small amount of room at the foot of the bed lends to a heavy traffic area by the desk. Luckily this client used our Sun City West carpet cleaning service and we were able to make her carpet look like new again.

Sun City West Carpet Cleaning – Husbands and Carpet

I have been in this industry for 11 years, and it never fails. Your husband does not take his shoes off. You can’t change him now. And to make it worse, now he drags his feet. Grinding that grease from the grocery store parking lot all over your carpet. Wonderful, right? But don’t worry, we at First Class Green Cleaning have you covered. With our Sun City West carpet cleaning pre-treatment and counter rotating brush machines, we can clean those tracks back to a like new state. That is assuming you have us out before the damage is allowed to be done to long.

Sun City West Carpet Cleaning – Carpeted Bathrooms/Kitchens

sun_city_west_carpet_cleaningsun_city_west_carpet_cleaningSun City and sun city west are some of the few cities I’ve cleaned to feature this regularly. Carpet in a bathroom does present several problems for the cleaning professional. From what happens by the toilet to a body wash leaving soapy residue on your skin, a lot of stuff gets on the carpet that a vacuum does not take care of. Luckily, you can trust our Sun City West carpet cleaning service to use the right products to clean and protect your carpet from permanent staining.


 Sun City West Carpet Cleaning – Medical Concerns

More specifically, breathing concerns. Being and active adult community it is not every case, but in several instances it is true. Breathing in the fumes and odors of a generic carpet cleaning chemical can be unfriendly or even dangerous to your body. Our Sun City West carpet cleaning service offers an odorless preconditioner that is soap free and residue free. This product cleans just as well as any product I have used in my 11 years, and it is green seal certified. You can breathe easy and let us do all the work when your carpet is in need of a good cleaning.