Red stains can seem like a tragic accident when they happen to occur on your carpet. Whats worse is that they can come from a large number of sources. From artificially dyed drinks to the natural red wines or even food based red stains such as pasta sauces are all known culprits. Each one requires a special type of treatment to remove the stain. Today, we look at what a pomegranate spill can do when this happened in a home in the west valley. Thankfully we offer Surprise red stain removal to help our client out.

Surprise Red Stain Removal – Before

This red stain comes from a pretty tough source. Anyone who has dabbled with pomegranates knows just how strong the dyes can be from this fruit. You might think, “That doesn’t look that bad, no way that’s pomegranate”. You would be right to assume it should look worse. We had to things working in  our favor.
First, we have cleaned and reapplied the carpet protector to this carpet every year since it was first installed. The protection keeps the dyes from accessing the fiber as quickly, giving our client time to remove as much as she can when the accident happened.
Second, our client has been showed how to best treat a stain when she catches it fresh. As soon as the drink spilled she started to blot up the mess with a towel. When she had removed the excess moisture and some slight discoloration she did the best thing and called us for tips. In this case, the best we could recommend was for her to have us come out and treat it. Any store bought product or do it yourself remedy may damage her carpet.

Surprise Red Stain Removal -After

When we arrived, the spot was much less tragic than we expected. Our stain removal process involves needing a certain amount of knowledge about the stain. This involves asking the client questions about the stain. How she answers will change how we treat the stain. We need to know if we are dealing with synthetic dyes or natural dyes. Was the stain protein based or sugar based. Was the drink hot or cold. The answer to these questions will decide how we proceed with treatment.
In this case, the stain was a natural dye. It was sugar based and spilled cold. The frequent reapplication of then carpet protector lead us to use a product that removed the stain with little trouble. A simple application of professional grade product and quick rinse lead us to these results.