There sure is a lot of dust in this beautiful city we call home. There should be, we live in a desert after all. But what happens when you mix this dust with the cleaning agents left from the maids on your tile or grout in your home? We end up with a need for tile cleaning Peoria that we just so happen to offer. Take a look at the images from a tile cleaning we had last week that was one such case.

Tile Cleaning Peoria – It doesn’t look so bad

No, it really does not look so bad. As a matter of fact, it looks pretty good. The problem is, this is an all over problem. The client in this case had a broken tile that needed to be replaced in a kitchen. As luck (and some proper preparation/foresight) would have it, she had some left over pieces from the original install over ten years ago.

The problem was after the install, the piece that was in her garage only had two shades of color, a white and gray mix. The rest of her floor had a tan/brown cast over the gray and white color. What was once an unknown problem now screamed at her every time she walked into the kitchen.

Tile Cleaning Peoria – What a difference!

The problem was more than just a simple residue issue. This tile is a slip resistant brand. It contains many pits and valleys to give it more traction. These valleys will catch dirt, grit and soil in even the best of maintenance plans. Figure in the fact that the floor has over ten years of use without a restorative cleaning, and you should expect it to look a little soiled. Our technicians came in and performed a cleaning service that made the floor look like the day it was installed again.