Tile Cleaning Scottsdale AZ

How not to Clean…

Tile Cleaning Scottsdale AZ

Tile prior to our thorough green cleaning process

A client in Scottsdale had us out for some tile cleaning. As you can see, the floor overall looked to be in pretty good shape, but the grout joints were especially impacted with sticky soil. The cause of this is usually due to improper maintenance habits or no such habits at all. Sometimes, by trying too hard to keep your tile floor clean, you wind up making it look worse.

Tile Cleaning Scottsdale AZ

Dirty Mop Bucket aka improper maintenance habit

Most of us have seen the television adds that tell us about soapy cleaning products peddled by a bald man in white, or pine based cleaning agents that disinfect and “clean” our hard surfaces. And that is true, they do “clean” and may actually disinfect, but it is what is left behind that you have to worry about. The cleaning agent, whether applied with a mop or pad (microfiber or disposable wipe) does not simply evaporate after you apply it. A bit of it stays on your floor.

See, the process generally goes like this, you mix up the cleaner in a bucket, use the mop to spread around the dirt, dip the dirty mop back into the now contaminated cleaning solution and start spreading a dirt slurry onto your floor that settles into the grout channels. All the dirt and soap fall in and start cleaning your shoes as you walk across the floor in the days/weeks between the next time you clean your tile.

Tile Cleaning Scottsdale AZ

stretching the pad a little too far?

Maybe you had thought of this, “I live in Scottsdale, and that is the old fashioned way of doing it, I clean my tile using one of the pads that go on the end of a glorified broomstick.”. Fair enough, but do you sweep the floor prior to remove the dry soil and debris, or are you using the wet solution that the pad comes with to hopefully catch every bit of Scottsdale, Arizona from your tile floor? It might work. I’ll tell you one thing though, if you’ve seen how they show it off in the commercial, how much gunk is on the bottom, is usually too much. Like the one pictured, they stretched it a little too far. The last few strokes were simply pushing damp dirt into the grout joints.

How to Clean…

So, “What am I to do?”, is generally the next question. First, I recommend calling First Class Green Cleaning to help restore your tile to its “like new” condition, then buy a good steamer. Preferably one that allows you to buy your own microfiber towels that can easily clip onto the head to maintain your floor. As long as you keep the towel on the head changed frequently and eliminate as much dust and dry particles prior, you can keep your floors looking fantastic for a long time and need to see less of us for the restorative cleaning.

Tile Cleaning Scottsdale AZ

Tile after our extensive green cleaning process

I mean, you could get the same results as us, it just takes a ton of elbow grease and time. So, for your tile cleaning Scottsdale AZ, call us and take a coffee break while we bring your floors back to new.