Tile Cleaning Scottsdale

Today we will take a look at how effective our cleaning pretreat can be at blasting away heavy dirt, great and grime. In the image below, you can see just how much breaks free during our tile cleaning Scottsdale job.


Keep in mind that what you see in this picture was taken during the pre treat and agitate phase of the cleaning. In this particular tile cleaning Scottsdale job, the guest bathroom had been neglected for some time. Our crew was originally called out to clean a few bedroom carpets. When the client learned of our tile cleaning Scottsdale service, we were able to get this amazing picture. Unfortunately by the time the technician had finished and was getting his after cleaning photos, the sun had moved into the skylight, making that picture much poorer in visual quality. As you can see from just the pre treat image above, the client was very impressed with our tile cleaning Scotdsale process.  #scottsdaletilecleaning