Tile cleaning Sun City can be a very difficult proposition for many residents of our great city. With all the grease, oil, and tar in our black top, its no wonder our floors end up looking a little dirty. To compound the problem, the bald guy in white tells you his cleaning product will keep your floors shiny and new. The problem is, his product can and will leave a ton of soap residue on your tile, which will make the whole floor evenly darkened and full of soil. Today, let us take a look at such a case where a floor had gotten just a little too out of control for our client to fix on her own.

Tile Cleaning Sun City – Residue

Residue can happen to you. It may already have happened, its just so evenly spread out that you do not know what a clean floor looks like anymore. If you are using a store bought cleaning product on your tile, chances are, you have residue clogging your floor’s natural shine with dirt and grime. You see, the fella in white peddling his cleaning product is not telling you the whole story about just how to properly use his products.
Many store bought cleaning chemicals have a high soap content. Even products sold as ‘green’ can have residue causing high pH cleaning agents. To keep it simple, I will ask you a question.

Q: If you apply a cleaning product to a floor, but fail to rinse it or remove it, will it stop cleaning?
A: No.

Tile Cleaning Sun CityPretty simple, right? When we mix a mop bucket of Mr. Pinesoap, and spread that all across the floor, we are leaving a cleaning agent on the floor. This cleaning agent will continue to do its job on your feet, shoes, pets, kids, etc. It will pull the dirt, grease, and oil from many sources straight onto your floor. Whats worse, is the next time you mop with this stuff again, you successfully loosen the particles from the impermeable tile face and it soaks into the grout joints. This leaves your grout looking discolored and uneven.
How can you prevent this? We recommend dry mopping and only wet mopping with hot water if you must mop. If you feel you need the lemon smell and power of a cleaning agent, be prepared to mop your floors twice. Once with the cleaning product, and again with plenty of clean water or even a light vinegar water mix to neutralize the cleaning product.