Tile Floor Cleaning Scottsdale

Ceramic and porcelain tile is becoming more and more popular in Arizona homes. Some homeowners like it for its affordability, while others choose some higher quality porcelain for the longer durability it can have. When compared to the pricey alternative of natural stone, or the sensitivity of hard wood, it can be a good choice. The problem in Scottsdale homes is the same regardless of the floor choice, keeping it clean. Lets take a look at a tile floor cleaning Scottsdale job our technicians did recently.

Tile Floor Cleaning Scottsdale – Soil in the Grout

Tile Floor Cleaning ScottsdaleOne thing that always irks me with photos like this one is the difference between perceived soiling and actual visual soiling. The tile in this image was lightly soiled looking prior to the start of the job. But in this image, you are seeing what our prespray has released from the grout joints. Often, the reason you would have your tile floor cleaned is because of unevenness in color in the grout joint. Our cleaning process breaks the soil free from these areas. This causes and overall dirty look to cover the whole of the tiles.

Tile Floor Cleaning Scottsdale – Major Difference

Tile Floor Cleaning ScottsdaleThis is the image that shows how the tiles will look after we are all through. The grout joints are made of a cement and will take a few hours before the water they absorb dries out and the true color is shown. The grout will general dry a few shade brighter because it is currently holding so much moisture.

Tile Floor Cleaning Scottsdale – The Advertising Photo

Tile Floor Cleaning ScottsdaleThis is the photo that most cleaners will advertise to tell you how amazing they are.

“Look at how dirty this floor is, and I cleaned it to like new!”

We at First Class Green Cleaning are honest. Our client’s floor (the actual tile faces any how) was not this bad before we started, but the grout joints were. When the floor dried, she had a new floor again, but for her, it was the shiny bright, clean grout joints that she was concerned with.  True we were able to extract a ton of soil from the floor, and, in the process, make one client very happy.