Are you planning to move into a new to you home in the near future? Does it have carpet installed. Is it new? Is it old? Has it been professionally cleaned? Whether you are buying or renting, moving into old carpet can be a nasty ordeal. Everyone knows that carpet acts as a filter to hold a ton of allergens. Whether you know the answers to these questions, having a professional out to perform a vacant carpet cleaning is not a terrible idea either way. Besides, it is important to note that not all cleaning companies were created equal. Let us take a peek at what we think separates us from the competition.

Vacant Carpet Cleaning – Before

This image is from a client that had our services out before she moved into her new home. In this case the real estate agent had assured her that the carpets had indeed been cleaned prior to her taking possession of the house. Our client suffers from cat allergies and felt that there was still some lingering allergens in the carpet, so she called us to come out and see what we could do. While we clean with equipment similar to most professional cleaning firms out there, we also carry one tool that seems to dig a lot of hair and soil from deep within the carpet. This tool is called a Brush-Pro

Vacant Carpet Cleaning – After Brush Pro

The Brush-Pro is a counter rotating brush machine. This machine scrubs the carpet in a safe way that does not unwind the fiber the same way that circular scrubbing machines will do. Our process for maximum hair and allergen removal is to start with a pre-vacuum with a good quality upright vacuum cleaner. We then apply a pre-treat to start loosening the bond any grease or soil has to the fibers. We then will use the Brush-Pro to agitate our pre-treat into the fibers as well as dig any deeply embedded hair or dirt out of the carpet. As you can see from the image, there was quite a bit of hair left in the fiber from the last cleaner.

Vacant Carpet Cleaning – After Hair Removal

One thing that always shocks me is how our clients claim that the carpet looks clean when we haven’t even rinsed anything out. In this image you see what the carpet looks like after we vacuumed all the little fur balls away from the previous image. In this case, we could have groomed the carpet and called it good. Fortunately for our client, we like to do the best job in town and we rinsed the carpet thoroughly. Our client was ecstatic and told us that she felt better in her house knowing the large amount of cat hair we were able to remove with our Brush-Pro.