Velvet furniture cleaning can be a very risky service if you are not properly trained to handle such a delicate construction. add to the mix a silk fiber and you have the combination for a real sensitive cleaning situation. Now, to make things interesting, lets add a dog that decides to mark its territory on your brand new $5,000 chairs. Now you have a potentially horrific combination.

Velvet Furniture Cleaning – What it looks like


If you look close, you can see the very slight discoloration. It is more of a tinge difference than your generic urine yellow stain. With a delicate silk fabric, it is important to note that the worst damage here is caused by the acid in the urine, not the color.

When urine hits a fabric, it starts as a strong acid. As it dries, It chemically changes to an alkaline. This change can cause some severe damage in the fabric it is now settled in. It is important to treat the chemistry part of this and not just the possible discoloration. We will do this by using a gentle acidic to break down any urine salts while trying to groom the fabric back to its natural position. Lets see how we did.

 Velvet Furniture Cleaning – How we did

Looking at what we had to start with may not have been cause for concern to the untrained eye, the husband in this house had no idea there was an issue.  However hard to see, trust me when I say, we worked a miracle here. Fine fabrics such as this silk shown in the picture, are rarely protected with any kind of fabric protector. To make things worse, these chairs carried a pretty hefty price tag as they are designer chairs and fabrics. Luckily we were able to save the day and remove all previous evidence of the dog stain.

The fabric has regained its natural luster and reflectivity, our client, the wife anyhow, is pleased, and we have saved another dog a trip out of the home.

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