Area Rug Washing Scottsdale

With the emerging popularity of natural stone and upgraded porcelain tiles, we are seeing a large increase in loose lay area rugs of numerous styles and construction in Scottsdale homes. These rugs can add color and enhance the rooms overall appearance with their intricate designs and bright colors. Often times, these pieces are used to deaden echos and soften the feel in high use rooms, as well as add to the home’s aesthetics. When they are put to use with a good deal of traffic, they can take a serious beating. Here’s some guidance to area rug washing Scottsdale. Proper care and maintenance is key to ensuring the rug has a long and healthy life.

Avoid In-Home Cleanings

The biggest mistake a lot of people make is to allow a professional cleaner to try and “clean” these specialty floor coverings in the home. It is almost always a bad idea. There are many reasons why it is a major gamble to do this.

Area rug washing Scottsdale

At the top you can see the pile of dirt we removed prior to cleaning.

First, is the fact that we live in a desert. Out here there is an awful lot of dust flying around, and your thick, dense rug traps an awful lot of it. For this reason, the first step in our cleaning process is to beat the rug, removing 100% of the dry soil. If this step is skipped, all that dirt is turned into mud that clings and refuses to come free easily.

Area Rug washing Scottsdale

This pile was about two inches tall at its peak.

A second concern is dye stability. Many of these pieces are made with dyes that do not handle cleaning chemistry well. a good number will “bleed” if they simply get too much clean water on them. Some will transfer their color if the humidity is too high. If cleaned in your home, it may not show damage until dry.

area rug washing Scottsdale

In this rug the turquoise has been allowed to run into the cream.

Another concern is heat. Most of the fibers that handmade rugs are made with tend to be heat sensitive. If you’re cleaner is utilizing hot water extraction, there is a risk that he may scorch the material. This can cause visible damage in some fibers or even microscopic damage that weakens the fibers natural stain and abrasion resistance.

A fourth concern is the drying process. The majority of handmade rugs in today’s homes are made of wool. Did you know wool can hold up to 30% of its weight in water, yet feel dry to the touch? A lot of things can happen to a handmade rug the longer it stays wet. Color run, shrinkage, browning (a ‘rust’ like appearance over sections of the rug or fringe, generally due to cotton staying wet too long), any of these things can occur hours after the cleaner has left your home. Sometimes things go unnoticed until the next day.

Area rug washing Scottsdale

Freshly washed and hung to dry in our washing facility

Area Rug Washing Scottsdale

Air mover placed under the rug assist by speeding the drying process



At First Class Green Cleaning, we have the facility, ability, and knowledge to thoroughly wash your area rug. We are willing ready and able pick up the piece from your home, bring it back to our facility and wash it, then deliver it back to you clean and beautiful. We take pride in the fact that we do not ‘sub’ our work out, but take the time to perform top notch quality cleaning to every one of our clients rugs. From newly constructed pieces, to antiques, we can help you maintain and preserve the rugs value and beauty.Area rug washing scottsdale