Commercial Carpet Maintenance Program

In our last post, we spoke briefly on how commercial companies choose to maintain their carpeting. Generally there are two options, Restorative cleaning or maintenance cleaning. Today, we will look at some of the services available in our Commercial Carpet Maintenance Program. By offering a free consultation, we can help any commercial building with their maintenance needs. Here are some tips to help you create your own commercial carpet maintenance program.

 Commercial Carpet Maintenance Program – Dry Soil Removal

This is the first step to any good commercial carpet maintenance program. Daily vacuuming is preferred in most situations, in others more or less frequency may be required. It all depends on the amount of traffic an area receives.

We can use a doctors office as a good example. The front desk where patients walk up to in order to sign in should be vacuumed daily. The back office where the filing is done should probably be vacuumed every other day. The room in the back that only sees a few patients a day could be vacuumed twice a week. The frequency has to do with the level of traffic and the type of traffic. The front desk is receiving the heaviest load, and a significant amount of grease from the parking lot. The filing room gets medium traffic, but more often involves a decent amount of pivoting. Pivot points grind dry soil into the carpet causing permanent damage, so removing this soil is important. By the time the patient has made their way to the back room, their shoes have been cleaned by the reception area and the only dust on the carpet is minimal.

Commercial Carpet Maintenance Program – Encapsulation Cleaning

We covered most of what you need to know about encapsulation here, but we will briefly review. Encapsulation is designed to perform a light cleaning that is dry in less than an hour. This is done by applying an encapsulating to well vacuumed carpet. The product then is agitated into the fiber. This agitation causes greases and oils to mix with the encapsulating agent. The product then dries, crystallizing around the loosened grease and soil. This is then vacuumed away leaving the carpet significantly cleaner.

Commercial Carpet Maintenance Program – Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Hot water extraction is the industry preferred method of cleaning for most carpet fibers. When used in a commercial carpet maintenance program, it can be performed with less moisture. This can limit the dry time significantly and help eliminate the need to shut business down for long periods of time. It is an important part of any good program because it removes deep embedded soiling. Most dry cleanings can keep the carpet looking nice, but a good hot water extraction will flush out most of the soil, leaving the carpet in a ‘like new’ state.

If you find yourself having difficulty setting up your own commercial carpet maintenance program, call us for a free consultation. We can help you not only keep your carpets looking like new, but your tile, stone, or wood also.commercial carpet maintenance program