Industry Terms Bleeding

In our industry, lots of terms are thrown about without regard to how you understand them. lets star today with one of the more popular industry terms bleeding.



This is the common term used in our industry for dye migration. Some pieces are made with unstable dyes that can be released of their bond with the fabric if allowed to get moist. Some can be so sensitive that the will transfer the color if the humidity level is too high.industry terms bleeding industry terms bleedingindustry terms bleeding

While this may seem like a death sentence for the rug, oftentimes it can be corrected. Check out our post about it here. there we go into a little more detail about a recent rug that we had salvaged from the brink.

While correcting the problem of dye migration is possible, it is important to note that it is quite costly to perform. We often recommend having the rug appraised to ensure the value is worth the effort. The only time this is not true, is if the rug is a precious heirloom, in which case, it should be restored to its former beauty regardless of ‘value’, so that you may continue to hand it down for generations to come.