Phoenix Binding Service

Allow me to introduce you to a part of First Class Green Cleaning you may not have known about, our Phoenix binding service. Maybe you do not know what ‘binding’ means, if not, read on and learn about how we can help you get the most out of your loose lay carpet.

Phoenix Binding Service – what is it?

Imagine you are having a custom rug built to fit into a room with a hard surface flooring. While it is important that the design and pattern in the center is of particular importance, have you much considered what the edge will look like? On some pieces, such as a shag, it really will not matter. But on a lower pile piece, the edge, if not bound with an adequate product, will stick out like a sore thumb.

Believe it or not, you have some options of what gets applied. The choices vary in color and quality. Obviously the color choice is key to a solid look, but a poor choice of quality can ruin the final appearance of a piece. Below, we will take a look at just a few of the options you have for the edging of your custom rug.

Phoenix Binding Service – Basic Binding

Phoenix Binding Service

Binding is the bare minimum when it comes to covering the edges of your area rug. It effectively creates a finished edge while maintaining the integrity of the rug. As far as aesthetics go, it is nowhere near the top of the rug edging food chain. This edging is a good choice for lower grade carpets or for use in high use situations. If one is having a few throw rugs made from remnant carpets from a recent install, it will work effectively while keeping the cost down. It will also work great in situations where the edges will never be seen, such as a tall shag rug or thicker piled carpet.

Phoenix Binding Service – Serge Tape

Phoenix Binding Service

Serge tape basically a glorified binding. A little more detail, thicker strands add a depth to give it the appearance of a true serge edging. This product is a little more expensive than basic binding, yet significantly more affordable than a machine serge. This can be used to give a higher quality carpet a finished look. If you are interested in the rug looking great and do not mind saving a little money, this is a fantastic option.

Phoenix Binding Service – Machine Serge

Phoenix Binding Service

A machine serge is produced using a machine that stitches a full thick edging onto your custom rug. This edging is fantastic for the top quality look for a rug that must be perfect. The downside is the cost, it is significantly more expensive to apply due to the time, labor, and product cost. But, if you are looking to build a rug that will not be able to hide the edges, this is the best option.

Phoenix Binding Service – Colors

Phoenix Binding Service

This is our ‘binding wall’ at First Class Green Cleaning. As you can see, we stock a variety of colors, and are able to get our hands on countless more. Whatever color you are looking to use, we will get it for you and apply it in the style that works best for your situation.