Phoenix Dry Carpet Cleaning

In many commercial situations a full hot water extraction cleaning is simply not feasible. Many businesses cannot afford to close down for a cleaning that requires significant dry time. Our Phoenix Dry Carpet Cleaning service allows any commercial building to look its best with minimal downtime. There are several myths and misunderstandings over Phoenix dry carpet cleaning. Today, we will dispel some of those myths and bring some basic understanding.

How It Works

Dry carpet cleaning has been around for a long time. Many of the older methods have been improved. Several of the oldest have been proven ineffective and replaced. Lets briefly speak on some of the most common methods.


One of my pet peeves in residential cleaning is when someone says they are having the carpets shampooed. Hot water extraction and shampooing are very different processes. To shampoo a carpet, a bubble solution is worked into a carpet with a rotary scrubber. In theory, the dirt is captured in the bubbles and lifted into the top of the carpet. Some folks will let it dry and vacuum the residue, others will use bonnets to ‘lift’ the soil onto a pad. Some guys simply walk away and call it good.

The issue with this method is that many shampoos have a pretty heavy residue. This means frequent cleanings are needed to keep up the appearance of ‘clean’. Another concern is the rotary motion applied on the carpet. This motion can do permanent damage to the carpet fiber over time.

phoenix-dry-carpet-cleaningBrush and Bonnetphoenix-dry-carpet-cleaning

This method is similar to shampooing. The major difference is the application of a product known as an encapsulant through a sprayer, and not through the scrubbing machine. What an encapsulant does will be explained a little later. A shampoo system works by dumping loads of soapy product onto the rotating brushes to foam up the carpet. A bonnet system applies a low or no residue liquid to the carpet through any number of types of spray application methods. After the product is applied, a bonnet pad is attached to the bottom of the rotary scrubbing machine. This bonnet is designed to absorb the soil from the carpet into the pad.

If done properly, this method can be effective as a maintenance practice for light to medium soil removal. Where many folks go wrong is in doing it properly. Many will either over apply the product, leaving a residue. Some will under apply the product, which can cause friction issues and damage the fibers. Another mistake is that some try to use too few bonnets for a job. Once the bonnet is soiled, if you do not replace, you will simply start smearing dirt around.phoenix-dry-carpet-cleaning

This is not our favorite method as it does still include a rotating machine that can damage the twist that the carpet naturally has. We tend to use the final two methods as our primary dry cleaning methods.

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