Scottsdale Carpet Binding

When installing new carpet, you will no doubt have some leftover carpet pieces. These pieces, known as remnants, have more use to you than just to be locked away in storage. If you utilize our Scottsdale Carpet Binding service, you can easily have some hall runners or a bath or kitchen sink mat.

While you might tell the carpet installer to cut some of these remnant pieces to a specific size for use in your home, but if you do not have any type of edging put on, you will end up with a tattered mess. With our Scottsdale carpet binding service, not only will we cut your rugs to fit your specific needs, but we will see on a strong edge to keep your pieces in good shape for the life of the piece.


This is a woven piece of synthetic carpet before our Scottsdale carpet binding service.

Scottsdale Carpet Binding


This is how the edge looks after we performed our Scottsdale carpet binding service on the piece.

Scottsdale Carpet Binding

Now this piece will have a clean, finished look and perform much better in a high traffic situation.

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