Scottsdale Carpet Restoration

When you have been cleaning in the Valley of the Sun long enough, you come to accept a few things. Its a dry heat, numerous winter visitors, and nearly every city has its fair share of 55+ communities. In these communities, we, as cleaners, have to accept that sometimes the carpet is the last on the list for maintenance. When carpet has been neglected for too long, general cleaning will not be enough. A restorative cleaning is often what is needed for this type of carpet. Take a look at some images from a recent Scottsdale carpet restoration we took on.

Scottsdale Carpet Restoration – Master Bedroom

In the case of this home, an elderly woman had put off the maintenance of her carpet due to the headache involved in preparing for a professional. She had never experienced the ease of having a First Class Green Cleaning carpet cleaning and only knew to expect the headache provided from other service companies. As a result, this carpet had seen far too many years between cleanings. As you can see in the images below, it seemed to be a lost cause.Scottsdale Carpet RestorationScottsdale Carpet Restoration

These are images fro the entry of the same bedroom. One is looking to the left, the other is looking to the right. The primary cause of such severe soiling is simply too much Arizona coming into the house. This is home was a condo, one that has minimal driveway or garage space. This is important because asphalt leaves less grease on your shoes than black top. The black tops in most parking lots leave a tremendous amount of black oil. If you are unable to remove this prior to entering your home, you end up with carpet that looks like this.

Scottsdale Carpet RestorationScottsdale Carpet Restoration


As you can see in the after cleaning images, we were able to provide this client full Scottsdale carpet restoration. The heavy grease from the black top tar washed away with the proper pre-treatment product.