Scottsdale High Rise Carpet Cleaning

In Yesterdays article, we touched briefly on how a ground level cleaning situation differs from a luxury high rise cleaning situation. In today’s article, Scottsdale high rise carpet cleaning, we will cover some of the ways we are able to achieve the maximum results using a portable cleaning unit.

Attaining maximum soil removal

With First Class Green Cleaning’s Scottsdale high rise carpet cleaning, you can be confident to recieve truck mount like clean, with no extra effort needed by you. “How?” you may ask. We do this through a little more effort by us, using only top quality cleaning equipment, and using cleaning agents that are designed to work effectively in your specific situation.

Dry Soil Removal

The first step to any effective carpet cleaning is commonly known a pre-vacuuming. Using a well maintained high suction vacuum with a properly adjusted beater bar and an empty canister, we thoroughly remove all loose particulates from the carpet. It is important to do this before the carpet becomes wet, as dry dust is easier to remove than wet mud.

Proper Pre-Treatment

Our odorless, soap free, and residue free pre-spray is fantastic at breaking free greaser, oil, and tar from carpets. This product is also useful in a Scottsdale high rise carpet cleaning situation due to its ability to crystallize around the soil. Soil that has been crystallized, removes much more easily and allows for less water to be used in the rinse.

Agitation and Rinse

We use specialized counter rotating brush machines to gentle lift the dirt, grease, hair, oil and other soils to the tips of the fibers. This machine will often make carpets appear clean before any rinse has ever been performed. The collection of soil, now at the tips of the carpet fiber, will rinse free with a gentle flush of hot, soft water. Much less water is needed as we are no longer trying to ‘blast’ dirt free from the carpet.

Speed Dry

As we stated in a previous article, the lift, or suction, of a portable unit is much less than that of a truck mount. So the wand strokes that are used to lift the water from the carpet (known as ‘dry strokes’) are not as nearly effective. We compensate for this by using air movers that will push large volumes of air rapidly over the tips of the carpet fibers. This causes a shearing effect on the water in the carpet as it is pulled into the air. If one is a persistent with the use of the air movers, a Scottsdale high rise carpet cleaning job can look as clean and feel as dry as though it was done with a truck mount.custom_fbcustom_twtrfirst-icon-2