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Choosing the right Carpet

Carpet, Residential Cleaning|

As one of the Expert Carpet Cleaners in Phoenix we will try to give you information on each type of fabric and what we have seen in our years of carpet cleaning experience in Arizona, so that you can be sure you are choosing the right carpet for your home. [...]

Phoenix Binding Service

Binding, Manufacture, Serging|

Phoenix Binding Service Allow me to introduce you to a part of First Class Green Cleaning you may not have known about, our Phoenix binding service. Maybe you do not know what 'binding' means, if not, read on and learn about how we can help you get the most out [...]

Scottsdale Mattress Cleaning

Mattress, Residential Cleaning|

Scottsdale Mattress Cleaning At First Class Green Cleaning, we like to say we can clean anything that you sit, walk, or sleep on. Today, lets look at the 'sleep' part of the equation with our Scottsdale mattress cleaning service. It is the spot where you spend at least 5 hours [...]

Fringe Application

Fringe, Manufacture|

Fringe Application When looking at the actual value of a rug, fringe application is not going to help much. In some cases, it can actually hurt the rugs total value. For the purpose of this piece, we are looking at the aesthetics fringe application can add, regardless of value. Before [...]

Phoenix Carpet Restoration

Carpet, Residential Cleaning|

Phoenix Carpet Restoration Today, we take a quick look at some images from a home in Phoenix that had some pretty heavily soiled carpet. In fact, the client was afraid they would need to replace it. We were happy to provide them with some First Class Phoenix carpet restoration which [...]

Vinyl Flooring Restoration

Commercial Cleaning, Vinyl Cleaning|

Vinyl Flooring Restoration Vinyl composite tile (VCT) or vinyl sheet goods style flooring require very specific maintenance to look their best. When these procedures have been allowed to lapse, a vinyl flooring restoration may be required. This process can be quite involved and time consuming or a bit easier if [...]

Scottsdale Carpet Restoration

Carpet, Residential Cleaning|

Scottsdale Carpet Restoration When you have been cleaning in the Valley of the Sun long enough, you come to accept a few things. Its a dry heat, numerous winter visitors, and nearly every city has its fair share of 55+ communities. In these communities, we, as cleaners, have to accept [...]

Custom Rug Backing

Manufacture, Rug Backing|

Custom Rug Backing Today, lets take a look at a few images that detail the process involved in adding a custom rug backing to a custom carpet built in our facility. Custom Rug Backing - Putting the carpet together... In this image, we have already cut the carpets to be [...]

Scottsdale Stain Removal

Carpet, Residential Cleaning, Stain Removal|

Scottsdale Stain Removal In the carpet cleaning industry, we commonly refer to blemishes easily removed through a standard cleaning process a 'spot'. 'Stain' often refers to something much more difficult to remove. Some are not able to be removed at all regardless of what you throw at it. The biggest [...]

indoor air quality

Carpet, Residential Cleaning|

Indoor air quality Animal dander in homes is a common source of respiratory irritants associated with asthma and allergies. Animal dander, hair, and other organic debris in homes can also result in a significant increase in the level of dust mites, mite fecals, and other allergenic insect parts and fragments. [...]

Mattress Cleaning Review Phoenix

Mattress, Residential Cleaning, Reviews|

Mattress Cleaning Review Phoenix Mattress Cleaning Review Phoenix - See what this client had to say about our cleaning skills when it comes to keeping that which you sleep on clean and fresh. Enrika had this to say about her mattress cleaning- #mattresscleaning #longreview, #petodortreatment "I never thought they'd be [...]

Summer Carpet Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning, Carpet, Dusting, Fringe Cleaning, Furniture, High Rise Carpet Cleaning, Natural Stone, Protection Application, Residential Cleaning, Rug Washing, Stain Removal, Tile & Grout|

Summer Carpet Cleaning Summer in Arizona is nearly in full swing, and now is the time to get ready for Summer Carpet cleaning! If you have not yet heard it, be warned, I am about to go there…"at least it’s a dry heat". As an Arizona Native, I have had [...]

Scottsdale Carpet Binding First Class

Binding, Cove Base, Manufacture|

Scottsdale  Carpet Binding First Class Carpet Binding is putting edging on the side of the carpet.  Binding helps keep rug from unraveling on the ends and sides.binding can also at color to the side of the carpet. First Class Green Cleaning can treat the edges of custom rugs/carpets with several attractive [...]

Carpet Rug Binding Phoenix

Binding, Cove Base, Manufacture|

 Carpet Rug Binding Phoenix Carpet Rug Binding Phoenix Maybe you have a carpet remnant from carpet install or going to buy roll carpet from home store.  we here at First Class Green Cleaning Can cut the carpet to your size and put the color of binding you want. Carpet [...]

Rug Cleaning Moth Damage

Damage, Rug Washing|

Rug Cleaning Moth Damage Today we look at a problem that is not as often encountered in Arizona rug cleaning moth damage. Now there are parts of Arizona where this is a major concern, but for the better part of the Valley of the Sun, it is a limited issue. [...]

Sun City West Carpet Cleaning

Carpet, Residential Cleaning|

Sun City West Carpet Cleaning Carpeting is common in the adult community of Sun City West. While the newer homes are seeing a significant shift towards tile and stone flooring, this is not always the case. Many of the older homes in Sun City West have carpet exclusively, even in [...]

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