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Fringe Removal

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The tassels or fringe on an area rug can be a real hassle. They are often light or even white and show dirt and soiling relatively quickly. They can also be worn and damaged with similar ease. Did you Know we can help you with fringe removal? Before deciding to [...]

Velvet Furniture Cleaning

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Velvet furniture cleaning can be a very risky service if you are not properly trained to handle such a delicate construction. add to the mix a silk fiber and you have the combination for a real sensitive cleaning situation. Now, to make things interesting, lets add a dog that decides [...]

Furniture Cleaning Reviews Phoenix


See what other folks who have used us to clean sofas, recliners and chairs are saying about us in our Furniture Cleaning Reviews Phoenix. Furniture Cleaning Reviews - 5/5 star reviews Carol in Moon Valley- #carpetcleaning, #furniturecleaning "From their extremely prompt arrival to their departure, First Class lived up to [...]

Keeping Your Carpet Clean

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It's hard to do sometimes. With pets, kids, husbands, sometimes keeping your carpet clean can be an impossible task. If you are one of the many who suffer from dirty carpets, or just want to know how to keep them cleaner longer in between cleanings, we will give you a [...]

Rug Cleaning Reviews


Check out what many of our clients are saying about us in the rug cleaning reviews we received recently. Rug Cleaning Reviews - 5/5 star reviews Judy in Phoenix- #WhiteruginAZ "My white rug is white again!! Only Corey can do it this well. Thank you." Sheri in Scottsdale was very [...]

Carpet Protector

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The holidays are coming up quickly and we need to protect your carpet.  The traffic in your home is about to triple with all the family events and holiday parties. Not to mention the season is changing from very hot to semi cool, thus causing the trees to drop their [...]

Carpet Cleaning Reviews West Valley


Carpet Cleaning Reviews West Valley We have seen what the east valley has to say about us, now see what the our carpet cleaning reviews west valley look like. Carpet Cleaning Reviews West Valley 5/5 stars Pat in Surprise- #carpetcleaning, #petodortreatment "My husband and I are very happy with this [...]

Green Carpet Cleaning Phoenix

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Green Carpet Cleaning Phoenix The post for today is all about the pictures. So, without further ado, lets get into the pictures of some Green Carpet Cleaning Phoenix. Green Carpet Cleaning Phoenix - Before Basically, this is what the carpet looked like after we gave it a good vacuuming. You [...]

Peoria Carpet Cleaning


In our post today, we will go over some pictures from a North Peoria Carpet Cleaning service. The images you will see actually came from the smallest piece of carpet in the home. Believe it or not, the client never intended to have this piece cleaned, yet it needed it [...]

Phoenix Green Carpet Cleaning

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Today, we are going to take a quick look at a Phoenix Green Carpet Cleaning service our technicians performed. Now, we use the word 'green' strictly for googles sake, but rest assured, we do not like breathing in the fumes of harsh cleaning chemicals then you do. All of our cleaning [...]

Phoenix Natural Stone Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning, Natural Stone|

Phoenix Natural Stone Cleaning Today we will take a quick glance at some images from a Phoenix Natural Stone Cleaning job our guys handled. The images are of some very heavily soiled travertine flooring that was desperate for a cleaning. Lets take a closer look at the pictures as well [...]

Mesa Tile Cleaning


Today, let us take a look into a recent tile cleaning job we took care of in Mesa. As you will soon see, the floor was quite heavily soiled and in dire need of our help. Before we get too far into just how rough the top picture looks, we [...]

Carpet Cleaning Phoenix


Carpet Cleaning Phoenix Today, we try something new. For the first time, we will take a look at the rinsing process used in a carpet cleaning Phoenix job our technician took care of. The difference now being that we will be introducing our YouTube channel. Before we show you the [...]

Phoenix Carpet Stain Removal

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Phoenix Carpet Stain Removal Stain removal is an important part of any phoenix carpet cleaning service. The ability to safely remove forever from the carpet a blemish or stain can win or lose a life long client. It is for this reason, we at First Class Green Cleaning put a tremendous amount [...]

Phoenix Furniture Cleaning

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Phoenix Furniture Cleaning We at First Class Green Cleaning do not believe in high pressure sales or pushy technicians that try to force you to do more than what you want or need to have done. In this post, we will show you how a clients complaint about a few [...]

Phoenix Sofa Cleaning

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Phoenix Sofa Cleaning This client called to have us clean the carpet in her home and pick up some area rugs for washing in our shop. While our technician was evaluating the work to be performed, the client asked if we knew any good upholstery shops. She had a twenty [...]

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